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Farmers’ markets are one of the fastest growing venues for selling locally grown food and products to the general community. These markets are great for exposure and sales, but what if something goes wrong. Are you prepared?

Solano Insurance Services can help you get the protection you need to keep your business safe. We’re independent, meaning we can provide quotes from several insurance carriers to find the best value for you.

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Why Do I Need Farmer’s Market Insurance?

If you are a vendor at a farmers’ market in California, you are most likely selling a variety of locally grown or produced foods and/or locally made crafts and goods. What would you do if someone claimed they hurt themselves near your booth and demanded you pay for their medical bills? Do you have enough money in the bank to cover the costs of someone who claimed your food gave them an allergic reaction or food poisoning?

Farmers’ market insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides important protection for vendors who want to demonstrate and sell their products and services. It protects you from liability claims resulting from unexpected incidents that could occur from or near your operations.

While farmer’s market insurance cannot keep you from being sued, it can help protect your personal and business finances and assets. This type of liability insurance is important because it allows you to have peace while you continue to grow your business.

What Does Farmer’s Market Insurance Cover?

Most farmers’ market insurance policies provide businesses with protection against bodily injury and property damage claims that arise from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injuries. You may want to investigate adding on personal and business property protection as well.

Additional Ways to Project Yourself During Market Hours

Purchasing a good liability policy is the best way to protect you during time spent vending at a farmers’ market. However, here are some basic steps to help prevent accidents proactively:

  • Pay attention to basic housekeeping issues around your booth
  • Prevent third party accidents from occurring by removing or marking hazards around your booth
  • Keep supplies, boxes, products, etc. out of the areas surrounding your booth
  • Make sure all displays and props are secure and properly constructed
  • Tape exposed electrical cords to the floor to avoid a trip hazard

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